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Buy subscribers to YouTube channel

Фотография к новости Buy subscribers to YouTube channel

The idea of making money from clips posted on Youtube has remained shrouded in some mystery for quite a long time, but, of course, the profit is guaranteed. An extensive article published by The New York Times in early 2014 tried to find out how difficult it is for original content creators to earn agreed amounts, and what is the secret of those who succeed in doing so. The buy youtube subscribers fast service allows you to quickly increase the number of subscribers.

American journalists presented the case of vloggerita Olga Kay, who at that time owned five YouTube channels that collected about a million subscribers. The 31-year-old earned between $ 100,000 and $ 130,000 a year, but most of the money was reinvested in equipment or props. In order to have relevant content on five channels all the time, Olga Kay had to raise about 20 clips a week, and this occupied her almost all the time, she was engaged in editing and presentation.

As for advertising revenue on YouTube, about half of it goes to content creators, and the other half is invested by YouTube in the maintenance and development of the platform.

In short, YouTube's monetization system is based on the concept of distributing ad revenue with content creators (a system called < revenue share>). Thus, any content Creator who has an active Google Adsense account can choose to monetize their channel by adopting different ad formats. Usually, sponsored ads appear in the right column, transparent banners that are displayed above the video, video ads that work at the beginning and can be closed after 5 seconds.

Although the system is the same for everyone, the similarity between and foreign YouTubers stops there. Currently, promoting your own channel requires a professional approach. Use unique conditions in this plan. You will be guaranteed good dividends. 

The calculation, based on information received from those we spoke to, shows that in order to get the equivalent of the minimum wage for the economy (1450 lei), the content Creator must generate more than 2.5 million impressions per month. Simply put, if the entire population of the capital watched month after month on their clips, the youtuber could earn about $ 350.

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